There are grouped together answers to the frequently asked questions and
salvation of appearing problems during the use of our service.

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Which OS are working with Cryptone?

Our service works with rigs based on Windows, but at the moment we are developing version for asics


Which types of miners are maintain?

Claymore: zec, dual, cryptonight; CCminer TRPUVOT, SP Hash; Ewbf; ethminer; DSTM If you would like to add another type of miner - just contact us and we will add it.


Are there any limitations on connected rigs?

You can add unlimited quantity of rigs.


How much is the cost of using?

During open beta-test, our service is absolutely free.


How safe is your service?

Cryptone is fully safe service. We wouldn't mine for our profit - all the types of miners are downloaded only from official sources.


Can not close Mining -Agent

It's done to provide our users stable work. If you would like to close Mining-agent you need to execute minerwatcher.exe process via Task Manager.

If you don't receive any e-mails or notifications:
  • Make sure that you write email-address correctly;
  • Check your mailbox section "Spam"
  • Check Filter's options. It might be a reason for auto-delete your inbox.
Use $rigname as a convenient and fast way of substitution rig's name into the configuration. That variable allows creating large-scale tasks for the configuration's change.
We detect disconnected video-cards based on their hash rate and then we reboot Windows or miner depends on your settings.
We use Nvidia inspector and OverDriveNTool for AMD. Options that are available for edit: Core Clock, Memory Clock, Power Limit, Voltage, Temperature Limit and Fan Speed
We firmly recommend disabling all kinds of anti-virus and brandmauer. Anti-virus applications detect miners as viruses.
If in the statistics of video card list shows 0 hash rate, we firmly recommend installing current versions of drivers for your video card.