Functional service of administration mining hardware. provides free tools for statistics, monitoring, and management:

  • Our service provides you to manage your miners and their configs. Also you can maintain templates. The service is always looking for the current versions of miner clients. We're testing it and then update it on your rigs from the cloud repository.
  • Notifications via Telegram-bot and E-mail;
  • Working with environment variables and editing overclocking parameters;
  • Our service detects disconnected video cards and auto-reboot Windows and miner.
  • Auto-update of the application and miners on the equipment;
  • You're able to view miner's console from the site: details of hardware (HDD, motherboard, CPU, memory) and versions of the drivers installed on the rigs.
  • Most parameters can be changed massively, the process of changing configs (for 1000 rigs or less) takes no more than 60 seconds. You can pend your requests in editing.
  • You can monitor all important static data: hash rate metrics and forecast of earning for the current day, week or month.

A full list of service's features is available in the FAQ.

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The service is in the open beta test stage.
If you have any questions, wishes or problems during usage, please contact us through the feedback
form: Feedback
Or via Telegram: @wwwjohndoe